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The demonetization in India has resulted in an increased number of people using digital ways for money transactions. Almost all the banks in the country including the ones in the private and public sectors have provided online banking options for its users. Among this, the SBI Internet Banking option is the one that has come with some unique options for its users. Before going to the details of the SBI Net Banking, let us check why is it necessary for the users to use the online banking options now.

All the Internet banking options including the SBI Online provides the users with the easiest way for the financial transactions. This helps the users with the possibility to transfer money to others even at the odd hours of the day. Comparing to the earlier days where the users require to visit the bank branches for almost all type of transactions, the situation is entirely changed now. With the introduction of methods like SBI Online, the users are now enjoying the comfort of banking from their home itself. The online banking option also helped in increased security for the users. This eliminated the requirement for the users to carry the physical money, especially in bulk quantities which were a serious concern for them in the past.

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Benefits of SBI Online Banking

Comparing to the normal banking option, the SBI Net Banking provides a lot of benefits for the users. Check some of the most common benefits of the SBI Internet Banking below.

Sbi Online Fund Transfer

The basic purpose of the SBI Net Banking is to transfer funds from the concerned account of a user to any other account as per their requirement. This includes the transfer of money to another account hold by the same user, or other SBI Bank accounts or even accounts on other Banks. Under normal circumstances, money transferred from one SBI account to other even at non-working hours of the bank will credit to the account immediately. This is one of the greatest benefit of the SBI Internet Banking as people don’t have to wait for the bank to open to carry out their activities. A couple of years back, the IMPS facility is also added to the SBI Online Banking which allows the users to transfer money to other bank accounts also in the same way.

Payment for Online Transactions

This is also a very common use of the SBI Net Banking. During your shopping from online websites, you can select the payment mode as SBI Internet Banking. This will, in turn, ask you to login to the SBI Online option and do the required payment. This feature helps the users to avoid attempting for options like cash on delivery which will not be as easy as this option.

 SBI Online new Cheque books & ATM Card Request

bank to apply for new Cheque books. But with the introduction of SBI Online Banking, this can be easily done by logging into the concerned SBI Accounts. The SBI Net Banking also provides the option to block your ATM cards if it is lost. You can also request for a new ATM card through the online option.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other purposes in which the SBI Net Banking can be helpful for the users. Linking your Aadhar card and LPG id with SBI Net Banking makes you eligible for getting the LPG subsidy. Once you link your credit card with the SBI Internet Banking, you can get complete details of your credit card. It includes the transaction details, the amount left on the credit card for usage, etc. The SBI Internet Banking also provides the users option to view their Income Tax Statement. This is a very helpful feature of the net banking. These are just some of the major benefits of using the SBI Internet Banking. To enjoy all the different features in this, start using the net banking option from today itself.

How to keep your SBI Online Banking safe from intruders?

In the past, users are required to visit the branch offices of the It is always recommended to change your SBI Online Banking password at regular intervals. This is a common process suggested by the bank itself to make sure that your account remains safe from intruders. There are certainly other steps also that you can follow to keep your SBI Internet Banking safe and secure. The OTP messages that you will receive on your mobile number is the most important security option to prevent any unauthorized usage of your SBI Net Banking. So, make sure that you should not share this password with anyone. If you are not doing any banking operations and you are getting an OTP for any transaction, contact the SBI customer care at the earliest. These types of messages are a result of people trying for unauthorized access to your SBI Online Banking. Contacting the customer care at the right time can help you from any harm at this situation.

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Trusted Banking Technology.

Technology has advanced a lot in the last few years and to exploit it to the maximum we should upgrade ourselves to match with these latest technologies. Using online banking services like SBI Net Banking is an important step that we can follow to start this process. This online system should be a companion for you in a lot of day today activities. Starting from the online fund transfer to applying for the personal loans everything is possible through the SBI Internet Banking. In today’s busy schedule of users where they find it difficult to visit the bank branches for the banking transactions, the SBI Online Banking is a very handy option. They can use this option to perform almost all the banking options and hence can save a lot of time as well.

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