Indulge Your Boat Sailing with Marco Bitran

Boston Harbor Islands gives you plenty of opportunities that you can accomplish and love. Having a boat is an edge to have in all you do at the harbor. At downtown Boston, there are boat ramps obtainable, you can check That can be your starting place at the harbor. While sailing the peninsulas or the diverse islands, you get to view the beautiful sights of the harbor. Public mooring places can be taken advantage also in the harbor.

Making sailing as a pastime that individuals really like, exactly like Marco Bitran, is common to people in Boston. You will discover how to sail and at the same time strengthen your skills. You will get to enjoy the water sports too. There are kayaking and also windsurfing here. 

You will have your opportunity of joining the sailing race once you get to become a professional sailor and one of the members of Boston sailing organization. Just recently, Marco Bitran sailed with the Griffin, a soling boat kind. Of the nearly 20 boats participated, skipper Marco Bitran placed 8th on the rank.

Just across the Harbor Islands, informal competitions are happening. These races are open to all sailors who have different types of boats. Skippers are able to decide the courses that should be taken during their meeting.

Sailing in Boston : Join Now

As a skipper of the boat, you must decide to register to that race on that day. The organizer of the race can assist you with your crew concern if you do not have them. If you choose to be a crew rather, inform the organizer of your goal so they can put you in contact with the skipper of the boat. In the case where the skipper did not contact you, do not worry because the organizer will put you on the “Wants to Crew” list. The organizer’s office will do their best to have you aboard.

Community Boating, Inc and Marco Bitran’s Younger Days

Community Boating, Inc. is the sailing facility where Marco Bitran honed and established his sailing capabilities during his younger days. Established in 1946, this is the oldest public sailing center up to this day. Its vision: “Sailing for All”. Regardless of the ages or capabilities of the people of Boston, it’s goal is to serve them in the water sports area.

Boston Sailing Center 

As of this time, Marco Bitran is a member at the Boston Sailing Center. Besides accepting for memberships to the club, they also offer classes on sailing. Choices for club memberships are offered. This depends on the vessel you own or wish. Individual classes can be availed. General classes such as basic sailing skills are offered too. Staying in Boston for a couple of numbers of days is not an issue since there are instructional courses made for that purpose. Even if you will remain in Boston for a shorter time, there are still choices. One of it is to consider private lessons to jumpstart your sailing abilities.

The Basics of Sailing: The Different Solutions

Enjoy the control of teammates in regattas

During regatta training in winter, the crew of sailboats perform the maneuvers without forgetting any details, the smallest capacities of the boats are put to contribution and the sailors are passionate, who love above all the water and boats. It is a very rewarding experience to learn the basics of sailing.

Take advantage of the owner of the boat and her experience

In a quieter but equally effective way the owner of the boat, experienced sailor, shows you the right gestures, explains the maneuvers and makes you repeat your ranges.

Participate in a sailing course

In courses, learning is done by level of experience and knowledge. Trainees are supported by sailing professionals and make rapid progress. Safety is an integral part of the training.

To consult Internet and to read

theoretically, there is internet and the books, and among these, the reference book of each sailor, “The course of Glénans”.

Updated with technical developments and the use of the electronic map or increasingly fine analysis of weather data, this sailing code is essential for any sailor who wants to go safely. From light sailing to deep-sea cruising, not to mention multihulls and their specificities, this manual is a real encyclopedia that even the best sailors can feel the need to consult.

The basics of sailing: nothing beats the practice!

To learn the basics of navigation in sailboats and at first, no need to “stuff” with too technical terms; on the other hand, nothing beats the practice. Once you have made only a few tackles or a few empennages, get started! One day without wind and calm water, choose a buoy that will be your landmark and turn around and  make mistakes. It is also from his mistakes that we learn!